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Keystone Anthracite Company, Inc., D-2018-003-1.

Please use this form to submit comments to the DRBC on the draft docket for Keystone Anthracite Company, Inc., D-2018-003-1.  An application to approve a total withdrawal of up to 11.3643 mgm of surface water from Intake SWW #1 (Pond No. 3) and up to 608 mgm from Intake SSW #2 when needed to supplement Pond No. 3 for use in the docket holder\u8217 s anthracite coal preparation plant.  The project withdrawals were formerly operated by South Tamaqua Coal Pockets, Inc. under DRBC Certificate of Entitlement No. 256, which was terminated upon the transfer of ownership of the facility to the applicant.  The project is located in the Little Schuylkill River Watershed in West Penn Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

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