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20. Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc., D-1976-017-4

Please use this form to submit comments to the DRBC on the draft docket for an application to approve a groundwater withdrawal associated with the remediation of groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with a decrease in allocation from 15.5 million gallons per month (mgm) to 9.22 mgm from existing Wells RW A, RW B, RW C, RW 4, RW 5, RW 6, RW 8, RW 8A, RW 9, RW 9A, RW 10A and new Well RW D. New Well RW D will replace Well RW 8A. The approval will also renew the discharge of the remediated groundwater and its associated treatment.

The groundwater remediation project is located at the former Occidental Chemical Corporation facility in Lower Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The groundwater recovery wells are completed in the Brunswick Formation in the Schuylkill River Watershed in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Ground Water Protected Area. The Schuylkill River near the project site is designated by the PADEP as supporting Warm Water Fishes (WWF). 

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