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08. NRG REMA, LLC, D-1993-060-2

Please use this form to submit comments to the DRBC on the draft docket to approve a surface water withdrawal of up to 67 million gallons per month (mgm) from the Delaware River for industrial processes including water for use as carrier fluid for the industrial wastewater treatment plant (IWT) and potential further deactivation projects involving dust control and cleaning and a consumptive use of up to 12.8 mgm for nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions control at the existing 169-megawatt Portland Electric Generating Station. The surface water allocation approved by this docket is a reduction of the previously approved total allocation of 9,580 million gallons per 30 days (mg/30 days) due to the deactivation of two coal-fired units and the associated non-contact cooling requirements. The consumptive use approved by this docket is an increase from the previously approved consumptive use of 3.3 mg/30 days to allow flexibility to operate the facility continuously at full load.

The Portland Generation Station is located along the Delaware River approximately one mile south of Portland Borough in Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The surface water intake is located on the Delaware River at River Mile 206.2 in Water Quality Zone 1D. The Delaware River near at project site is designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) as supporting Warm Water Fishes and Migratory Fishes (WWF, MF). 

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