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07. Delaware City Refining Company, LLC, D-1993-004-7

Please use this form to submit comments to the DRBC on the draft docket for an application to renew approval  of an existing surface water withdrawal of up to 452 million gallons per day (mgd) from the Delaware River intake to supply the docket holder’s facility. The Delaware River intake withdrawal is limited to 303 mgd average over a year period. This project will also renew the approval of an existing groundwater withdrawal of up to 186 mgm (based on 31 days) from existing Wells P3B, P4B, P5B, P1A, P6, R15, P9A, P16A and P10A. This project will also renew the approval of an existing surface water withdrawals from their existing Red Lion Creek and Dragon Run intakes with allocations of up to 38.9 mgm and 56.2 mgm, respectively; and to limit the total combined surface water withdrawal to 14,296.27 mgm (based on 31 days). The docket holder is not requesting an increase in its system groundwater or surface water withdrawal allocations. 
The project intakes and wells are located in the C&D Canal East, Dragon Run Creek, Red Lion Creek and Delaware River Watersheds, and in the Upper, Middle, and Lower Potomac Formations, respectively. The Delaware River intake structure is located in a channelized backwater of the Delaware River (known as Cedar Creek) in Water Quality Zone 5. The project wells are located in the Potomac Formation, all the wells but P1A and R15 are in the Lower Zone of the Potomac Formation. Well P1A is in the Upper Zone and R15 is in the Middle Zone. Specific location information has been withheld for security reasons.

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