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01. GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc., D-1965-122-2:

02. Brookhaven Borough, D-1966-096 CP-5

03. Melody Lakes Management, LLC, D-1980-079 CP-6

04. Kimberly-Clark Corporation, D-1984-053-3

05. Brightsmith, LLC, D-1985-059-3

06. Eagle Lake Community Association, Inc., D-1987-055-4

07. Delaware City Refining Company, LLC, D-1993-004-7

08. NRG REMA, LLC, D-1993-060-2

09. Georgetown Town, D-1994-037 CP-3

10. Lehigh Township Municipal Authority, D-1994-053 CP-3

11. Lehigh Township Municipal Authority, D-1994-054 CP-3

12. Richland Township Water Authority, D-1996-044 CP-4

13. Central Carbon Municipal Authority, D-1999-048 CP-3

14. Westfall Township Municipal Authority, D-2002-023 CP-6

15. Maxatawny Township Municipal Authority, D-2007-001 CP-3

16. UMH Properties, Inc., D-2007-022 CP-2:

17. UMH Properties, Inc., D-2009-021 CP-3

18. Pocono Plateau Christian Association, D-2013-011 CP-2

19. D-2014-004 CP-2 Maple Lane Estates c/o PMI

20. Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc., D-1976-017-4

21. Knights Bridge Corporation, D-1990-054-2

22. Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority - DELCORA, D-1992-018 CP 4

23. Village of Buckingham Springs, D-2009-040 CP-3:

24. Gessner Products Company, Inc., D-2017-014-1

25. Brookmont Health Care Center, D-2018-004-1

26. Bangor Area School District, D-2018-007 CP-1

28. RESOLUTION to continue the Monitoring Advisory and Coordination Committee ("MACC")

29. A RESOLUTION to continue the Water Quality Advisory Committee.

30. A RESOLUTION to adopt the fiscal year 2019-2021 Water Resources Program.

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