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01. A Resolution to Adopt the Commission's Annual Current Expense and Capital Budgets for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020).

02. A Resolution to Apportion Among the Signatory Parties the Amounts Required for the Support of the Current Expense and Capital Budgets for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020).

03. William Henry Gardens, LLC (PA), Frazer Crossing Apartments Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1968-092 CP-4.

04. Exelon Generation Company, LLC (PA), Limerick Generating Station Water Withdrawal and Process Wastewater Discharge, D-1969-210 CP-15.

05. Bethlehem City (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1971-078 CP-4.

06. Berks-Montgomery Municipal Authority (PA), Morysville Wastewater Treatment Plant, D 1973-060 CP-4.

07. Doylestown Borough (PA), Groundwater Withdrawal, D-1979-018 CP-6.

08. Blue Ridge Real Estate Company (PA), Jack Frost Wastewater Treatment Plant, D 1985-081 2.

09. Reading Regional Airport Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1986-038 CP-4.

10. Monroe Energy, LLC (PA), Trainer Refinery Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1986-041-3.

11. Rohm and Haas Chemicals, LLC (PA), Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, D 1989-002 4.

12. New Castle County Department of Special Services (DE), Middletown-Odessa-Townsend Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1993-006 CP-4.

13. Warrington Township (PA), Tradesville Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-1999-012 CP 4.

14. Northeastern Schuylkill Joint Municipal Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D 1999-033 CP-3.

15. Sanofi Pasteur, Inc. (PA), Swiftwater Industrial Waste Treatment Plant, D-1999-071 5.

16. Muhlenberg Township Authority (PA), Groundwater Withdrawal, D-2001-030 CP-3.

17. Bedminster Municipal Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2003-014 CP 3.

18. Upper Hanover Authority (PA), Perkiomen Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2004-017 CP-4.

19. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA), Hickory Run Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2005-008 CP-3.

20. Downingtown Municipal Water Authority (PA), Water Filtration Plant, D-2006-031 CP-3.

21. Wallenpaupack Area School District (PA), New Foundland Elementary School Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2009-027 CP-3.

22. Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater, Inc. (PA), Woodloch Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2014-005 CP-2.

23. Concord Township (PA), Riviera at Concord Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2014-012 CP-2.

24. Lloyd's Otto, LLC (PA), Otto's RV Park Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2014-017 CP-2.

25. Becker, Richard C. (PA), Walnutport Mobile Home Park Wastewater Treatment Plant, D 2014-021 CP-2.

26. Arrowhead Sewer Company, Inc. (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2003-010-2.

27. Centerport Borough Muncipal Authority (PA), Wastewater Treatment Plant, D-2018-006 CP 1.

28. Berkshire Country Club (PA), Surface Water Withdrawal, D-2018-010-1.

29. Downe Township (NJ), Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System, D-2019-001 CP 1.

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